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Today’s demanding pipeline systems cannot be shut down for repair and today “Uninterruptible” and “Redundant System” are commonly used terms. As the world population grows, so do the sewage force main, water main, cooling system, hospital pipeline and industrial piping problems. Pump station emergency bypassing, pipeline stopping, hot tapping and Live valve inserting are daily routines that require advanced tested equipment built by knowledgeable veterans of the industry.

2LBin offers American designed and built hot tap machines, line stop machines, pipeline repair and pipe maintenance tools and supplies. Our tapping and line stop machinery was developed over many years to be reliable and perform “Live” connections, installation of valves, pipeline alterations and pipeline connections without the need to shut down the pipeline system.

After 35+ years in the hot tapping, line stopping, & valve inserting business we are proud to introduce 2LBin. The products we offer on this site were designed and approved by our field technicians & engineers over many years of continual use.

We will be adding equipment, tools and products continually as we get our parent companies agreement to build their proprietary items.

Future Items coming in 2015 are:
Full line of linestop machinery
High pressure tapping machines for petro-chemical applications
Many other pipeline items we cannot mention yet!
Let us know what you need built

"Work safe. Work efficiently. Work with Allies."

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