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Type 40 & 80 Seamless Weld Outlets Fittings

Type 40 & 80 Seamless Weld Outlets

Outlet sizes are available up to 36" O.D. and are the most versatile and economical method to achieve branch or tee connections in the piping industry.

The wide variety of sizes, shapes, and end preparations, as illustrated, allow the Architect, Design Engineer, or Contractor to maximize the proven advantages of all four universal piping methods:
  • Welded
  • Threaded
  • Flanged
  • Grooved

Seamless Weld Outlet Carbon Steel Shaped Nipple ASTM A-106

Type 40 & 80 Weld Outlets, Butt Welded, Threaded, and Grooved (shaped nipples):

  • Provide adequate strength to meet 90% of all pipe branch requirements inexpensively.

  • Rated in strict compliance with requirements of the Code for Pressure Piping, ANSI B31.

  • UL listed and FM accepted for fire protection service (1" to 8" - STD 90 only)

  • Easiest of all branch connections to install. True bore permits holes in header to be bored, drilled, or burned without complicated layout procedures to be followed.

  • Perfectly fitted machine contours drastically reduce weld volume required for installation, reduce pipe distortion, and eliminate stress risers. Because of this fact, Type 40 & 80 Weld Outlets are recommended for full size outlets.
Good piping practices should always prevail. The designer should always take into consideration the design data of other manufacturers' products when used in conjunction with ISLAND fittings, as well as environmental and service factors such as temperature, specific pressures, and external or internal loads.

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