<13hp Gas Hydraulic Power Unit
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Gas Hydraulic Power Units

13Hp Gas Hydraulic Power Unit

(As shown $4,615.00)
2LB-13-1-8-G/C  ;
13HP Honda Gas Engine, 8 G.P.M. @ 2,200 PSI, 12 Gallon Reservoir, 215 Pounds, 4-Way/ 3 position Directional Control Valve, Electric Start, & 2-Wheel Package


These items are Installed on this line of Power Units, some items can be removed to match your requirements.  
 • Honda's Series Of Gasoline Engines
 • American Made, Heavy Duty Gear Pumps
 • Mobile Style, Rugged Hydraulic Reservoir
 • Transport Handles
 • Spin On Hydraulic Filter
 • Quick Couplings
 • Selector Valve Standard
 • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge


A Wide assortment of options are available and can be tailor made to match your requirements.  
 • Greater Pump Capacities
 • Increased Horsepower Supplies
 • Diesel Engines
 • Fan-Cooled Heat Exchangers
 • Tire/Wheel Sizes & Combinations
 • Control Valves and Actuators
 • Powder Coatings, Finishes, & Colors
 • Cages with lifting provisions


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