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4" -12" Resilient Seated Gate Valves

The Clow 4" - 12" C-515 resilient wedge valve is rated, and bubble-tight, up to 250 psi working pressure. 4" - 12" valve sizes have been hydrostatically shell tested at 2 times the rated pressure. Clow Valve Company produces a dependable valve that is 100% machined, assembled, and tested in the United States.

West coast and East coast shipping location for lower shipping rates.

Recommended Specifications

Valves shall conform to the latest revision of AWWA standard C-515 covering resilient seated gate valves and shall be approved by the ULFM.

Valves shall have either a non-rising stem, or a rising stem, will open by turning stem left or right, and will be provided with 2" square operating nut or hand-wheel, with the word 'open' and an arrow cast in the metal to indicate direction to open.

The wedge shall be of cast iron completely encapsulated with rubber.

The sealing rubber shall be permanently bonded to the cast iron wedge to meet ASTM tests for rubber metal bond ASTM D429.

Valves shall be supplied with o-ring seals at all joints. No flat gaskets allowed.

Stems for NRS assemblies shall be cast bronze with integral collars in full compliance with AWWA. OS&Y stems shall be bronze. The NRS stem stuffing box shall be the o-ring seal type with two o-rings located above thrust collar and one o-ring below. The two o-rings above the thrust collar shall be replaceable with valve fully open and subjected to full rated working pressure.

There shall be two low torque thrust bearings located above and below the thrust collar. The stem nut shall be independent of the wedge and shall be made of solid bronze. There shall be a smooth, unobstructed waterway free of all pockets, cavities and depressions in the seat area.

The body and bonnet shall be coated with fusion bonded epoxy on both the interior and exterior, complying with AWWA C-550 and will be NSF 61 approved. Each value shall have maker's name, pressure rating, and year in which manufactured, cast on the body.

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