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Bit Wrap is a durable, woven, glass filament mesh, which has been treated with asphalt. It is ideal for applications which require strong, light-weight, reinforcement materials. Bit Wrap is commonly used in association with Metalguard 301 and other protective greases and waxes. It acts as a matrix to keep the product in place around the pipe and other appurtenances. An effective three part pipe protection system consists of an inner layer of grease, an intermediate layer of Bit Wrap, and an outer protective layer of Spiral Wrap.

Treated Glass Fabric

Width of Roll 3 in. or 4 in.
Length of Roll 150 ft.
Net Weight lb./100 linear yard 16.27 lbs.
Average Net Weight oz./yd. 2 2.55
Moisture based on Net Weight % 0.0%

Treatment of fabric. Weight % of moisture free fabrics


Average tensile strength at 70 measured in both directions

Lb./in. width:  

Wrap Threads


Filling Threads

Thread count per in. of width:  

Wrap Threads

20 1

Filling Threads

20 1


0.007 in.
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