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Metal Guard No. 301

Metal Guard No. 301 is a buttery-textured, amber colored, grease which is adhesive to metal surfaces, water resistant, and inhibits oxidation for long service. This formula’s resistance to moisture provides an excellent barrier for guarding metal surfaces against weathering and corrosion.

Typical Inspections:

Color Amber
Texture Buttery
Penetration @ 77% F. ASTM Worked 270-290
Dropping Point, ASTM, F 345  
Base oil data:  



cSt @ 40C


cSt @100C








Values shown here are typical and may vary

Application – Metal Guard No.301 is easily applied using a stiff brush or by hand, under a wide range of temperatures.
Purchasing – Metal Guard no. 301 is typically furnished in two gallon pails (15 lbs. per pail). Alternate packaging is available upon request. Pricing information is available upon request.

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