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FARBERTITE Water-Based Coal-Tar Protective Coating

A Versatile Industrial Coating for Aggressive Environments

Farbertite is a coal tar mastic containing an inert mineral filler and a corrosion inhibitor suspended in a water-based system. It contains no asphaltic material, resin, acid, caustic alkali, sulfur or compounds of sulfur that may actually promote corrosion. It contains no volatile ingredients that are toxic.


  • Dries to provide a tough continuous durable flexible coating for metals, concrete and many other materials. Farbertite will bond permanently to any clean surface, damp or dry, and is applied cold without the aid of primer. Fabertite will not run or sag on vertical surfaces.
  • When cured, Farbertite is not affected by fresh or salt water and will withstand many common acids and alkalis. Farbertite will resist a wide range of temperatures without failure of the coating.
  • Farbertite is a non-flammable coating and will not support combustion or explode in any state, either wet or dry.
  • Farbertite is easy to apply. Fabertite can be sprayed (air or airless), brushed, rolled or dip coated. Farbertite requires no thinning or special mixing, use directly from shipping container after mixing.
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